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Infrastructure Needed To Be Our Associates

Premises and Location
It is desired that each institute should be situated in the very prime location of the city. Itshouldbevery easily accessible place. The training institute should be around 1000 Sq. Ft in area/Either 2 theory, 2 practical, 1 marketing, 1 management, 1 front office room with good surrounding preferably at place where offices of certain companies are situated.
Computers & Peripherals
There should be 10 or more computers (depending on product).

Training & Support

  1. Each business partner will be entitled for a course to have thorough understanding of day to day operations of the institute.
  2. Apart from initial setup each business partner will constantly receive support in terms of policies, training, and up-gradation to increase their turnover.
  3. New courses will be introduced periodically and constant up-gradation will be provided.
    Value Added Services: THE EDGE will organize time to time Seminars, Conferences, and Awareness sections with all the Franchisee Partners.
  4. Guarantee for Recruiting manpower, orientation of skilled and Efficient Soft Skill Trainer. Advertisement and Publicity Support: the partners in the area will Share Cost.
  5. Certificate issued by THE EDGE (Head office)
    Promotion & Advertising
  6. Application Forms & Registration Forms etc., are given in PDF's Format which are to be printed by the Franchisee Office.
  7. Staff may be transferred to any of the branch office as per head office instruction time to time.
  8. Training to all the staff for the Franchisee Office. Any recruitment for the franchisee office need prior approval from head office.
  9. 100% Candidate Placement responsibilty taken by H.O.
  10. Seminars and meeting would be conducted time to time.
  11. Accordingly itinerary will be mailed to branch office and franchisee office .
  12. Interviews will be conducted whenever the Franchisee Office requests for.
  13. Course Material will be provided by head office.
  14. Business Development support one employee in the pay role of head office will be working under branch office.
  15. Quarterly income and expenditure plan to be submitted for approval and accordingly as per the instructions from head office implementation should be done.


  1. What is franchising?
    A business organization which already has a successful product or service (the franchiser) enters into a continuing contractual relationship business operating (franchiser) under franchiser's trade name and usually with the franchiser's guidance.
  2. What is the scope for Animation and IT industry?
    Animation industry: The animation industry in India is set to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (AGR) of 27 percent to touch $1,163 million by 2012 (Source nasscom) IT industry: Indian software product to grow from USD 1.4 billion in FY2008 to USD 9.5 to 12 billion by FY2015.
  3. Why franchisee with Edge?
    Differentiated program Reasonable ROI (Return on investment) Commercially and technically viable and proven plans Low investment and minimum risk.
  4. What are the pre-requisites for new franchisee?
    Suitable space and infrastructure Initial investment Aggressive local promotions Familiarizations with IT and Animation industry.
  5. Where can I open a franchisee centre?
    Anywhere in India, having minimum 4 km distance between existing center.
  6. Will Edge finance the costs for the franchisee?
    Edge does not provide the franchisee.
  7. How many partner can I have for my franchisee?
    It is recommended by Edge that you do not have more than three partners for a franchisee.
  8. What is the minimum manpower requirement to start a franchisee?
    Business head Counselor Faculty
  9. How do you provide training to franchisee staff?
    Periodical training and updating will be conducted in head office for the benefit of franchisee. Instant training will be provided through internet and phone.
  10. What profit ratio can I expect?
    Profitability varies depending upon number of programs and marketing activity conducted by franchisee. Tipical chart of profitability is discussed during the initial meeting.
  11. Who can apply for our franchisee?
    Individual/team with excellent entrepreneurial skills Having basic knowledge on educational market Sound in financial Passionate about getting recognition in the community.
  12. What are all the responsibilities me as a franchisee?
    Infrastructure as per standardized design and layout Student acquisition Manpower deployment for sales, marketing and operations of the training centre.